Essay `` The Power Of Context `` By Sherry Turkle

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As the world advances technologically, globalization becomes inevitable, forcing multiple environments on the individual. How one is able to adapt to these colliding worlds will determine their well-being for the future. We see how the virtual world and the physical world collide in a narrative written by Sherry Turkle called “Alone Together.” She discusses how children interact with technological toys that are able to evoke emotions such as love. Understanding what effect the environment has on us is one of the main topics presented by Malcolm Gladwell in his narrative titled “The Power of Context.” Gladwell defines the environment as what we experience in our immediate social and physical worlds. In “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan” written by Ethan Watters we see how a large company, GlaxoSmithKline, manipulates a society by imposing a new environment on their already existing environment. As the environment changes humans have to adapt with it, whether it be a change in behavior or acclimating yourself with new cultural norms. Humans want to be comfortable in their environment so coping to new environmental changes is important for one’s well-being. As globalization continues at an exponential rate, the world may also risk the extinction of a culture as one environment overshadows another. As new environments are introduced, we do whatever we can to cope with the changes for the sake of our well-being. To live in multiple environments simultaneously, one must…

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