Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity

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The future holds infinite possibilities and with such an unknown sense of what is coming, one often finds it difficult to pinpoint what awaits the human race in the future. One possibility about a hypothesized turn of events that is primed to take place in the future is known as the Singularity, which is contingent upon the belief that technological machines will surpass humans in terms of intelligence and population size. In his text The Singularity is Near, Ray Kurzweil outlines his predictions for the future of humankind, in which he discusses his optimistic view that an amalgamation between humans and machines can not only improve lifestyle but technology and scientific advancements that arise along with the Singularity additionally have …show more content…
The human condition involves all aspects of a human being’s existences, positive and negative, including but not limited to the paradoxical capacity for humans to be loving and sensitivity but yet be able to commit heinous acts of inhumanity that exhibit competitiveness, aggressiveness and selfishness. With the current reality in which our society has already seen human augmentation with technological parts; such as Neill Harbisson and his antenna that allows him to “hear colors”, as documented in a short film entitled “Hearing Colors” by Greg Brunkalla; the future seems to not be so far ahead, and thus these controversial questions must be discussed. Despite the positive effects of human augmentation on extending the knowledge that one has about the world, the access to the capability augment oneself carries possible detriments in which if biological and genetic augmentation is given to the wrong people, the process of advancement could harbor negative consequences, in which certain individuals may take it upon themselves to use cybernetic enhancements to wreak havoc rather than use the enhancements for

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