The Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Nowadays, most of people in this world know about social media. The amount of user social media prove it. The example of social media are facebook, twitter, instagram, path, youtube, and many more. Social media has positive and negative impact for the users. In this article, i want to talk about the positive impact of media social.
First, social media connecting people easily through cell phone or computer. People from anywere can connect with anyone. For example, we can talk with our friend that live in another country by just chatting in social media and don’t have to come to see him/her. In other words, it can reduce our budget to make a confersation. We can get more friends too in social media. Besides that, we can share
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For example like earthquake that happen in Friday, December 15, 2017. BMKG shared that news about earthquake that happen at some areas in south java in twitter.
Third, social media can make people explore there skills in social media. People will more confident, independent, creative, and new ability. In social media, they can upload their status, their photos, and their daily activities in their social media anywhere without feeling ashame. Besides that, social media like youtube can teach us to have a new ability like play guitar, play piano, cooking, sewing, and even learning about a new language.
Fourth, social media can give us entertain. We can see video clip, concert, film, read a book, and many more. Fifth, social media has a positive impact too for business. They can sell their product in social media. Social media allows people to advertise products or services to a large area customers so it can reduce their cost to advertise. In the other words, people around the world can see their business in social media.
In conclution, social media give us facility to interact and get information easily. So, we have to be a smart user in social
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A lot of understanding about social media, but I think social media is a site that allows us to communicate with other people in a long distance and also can make it easier for us to find an information that we do not know. With social media we can know the news of other who are far from us. With social media we can know information far from us without having to travel around the world. Social media can help us in facilitating business work and other. Many people are using social media to sell goods. Social media that we use is facebook twitter and instagram. Information about lessons we can get through social media. Of course we as users should be able make use of social media well too.
But from the many positive impacts of social media, social media has a negative impact as well. The social impact of this media also affects mental health. The first negative impact is social media can make a person become stress and depressed. Examples such as the popularity of teenagers continue to see other people’s live in social media, inadvertently a person keeps thinking about ways to change live like a people he sees in social

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