Is Social Media Good For Society

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Imagine going onto your favorite social media site after you had just posted a new photo of yourself. You see all of these positive comments about how beautiful you look, but you see this one comment saying something negative. You brush it off as nothing and continue on with your day, because the positive on it is more important than the negative. Social media is beneficial for a society. Social media is beneficial for society because relationships can form online, good for marketing and business, and it can help with mental health. There are many more reasons to argue with alongside of this argumentative essay, but this'll be the main three for now.
Firstly, why social media is good for society is because relationships can form online. According
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The article 'Social media can be both bummer and boon for the brain' has said, "People feel more social support when they present themselves honestly on social media, and they feel less stress after posting." Since the text states this, it shows that people may feel that those online might be more supportive than those in their actual lives. It can be a good thing to those who might not feel fully accepted in their actual lives, they can go online and feel accepted, it can ease their minds and not stress them out. The article also states, "Young adults with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can also help find social support via social media... social media posts can help foster greater acceptance of mental health problems." Mental illnesses like these are not common things, it can be hard to find other people to relate to in your actual life. So why not go online where the diversity is endless and feel accepted there? To illustrate, Jordan, who is a fifteen year old male has yet to tell his close friends and family that he may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. He fears that those closest to him will judge him. So he goes online for some advice. Once he had done that, he felt a sense of relief and more confidence knowing that there are people out there on the web that aren't total monsters. Right after he had told his parents, they had amazingly greeted him with open arms, wanting to fix the issue as soon as possible. Judgement takes a huge part in wanting to feel accepted. There's less of that online than there is in someone's

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