Essay on The Popularity Of Popular Culture And Media

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Popular culture and media is prevalent in the era that we live in today. Society is easily influenced throughout media due to its ability to influence others. A concept or an idea is often reformulated or recalculated from its original format to later be incorporated in other art forms, giving it the ability to be used in a new market. Many songs, scripts, and works of art are often stripped down into a simpler format and/or “tweaked” giving it a new appeal; yet it still contains similarities and differences. Older popular culture media influences the most recent media in a substantial way. A song that incorporated an older song in a successful way by giving it a fresh introduction to the market is the song “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj. Anaconda incorporated Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby got back” as the main focal point boasting about sexuality and female dominance. “Baby got back” by Sir Mix A lot was a controversial song exclusively exposing sexual lyrics objectifying woman. It has remained popular due to its parody style approach to issues about women’s sensuality traits by no longer making the issues subjective. It appealed to a lot of people based on the theory that males are more dominant in today’s society. It created a controversy based on the exposure of female parts, racial stereotypes, and male contributions to a relationship or sexual experience. It introduces a male perspective to what is often solidified as a dominant relationship in regards to money and materialistic…

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