Tip Drill Poem Analysis

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Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. popularly known in the American music industry as Nelly came out with “Tip Drill” on his 2003 remix album Da Dertty Versions, he featured the St. Lunatics on this song. The expression tip drill is a slang vulgar expression, describing a well-known ugly girl with a nice body, hefty breast and backside. The lyrics of “Tip Drill” describe a girl who can only attract the opposite sex with her body and not her face, she is cheap and ready to offer herself to males who have enough money and are ready to spend. The song further describes this girl as one who has many friends just like herself willing to be used once the males show signs of monetary prowess. Also, this girl is degraded by the artiste by questioning the reasoning behind interaction between males and females, expressing that these relations are unnecessary unless the females
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This theory explains how females are treated as instruments of sexual pleasure, disregarding the person’s dignity and personality. This quite apparent throughout the song whereby the girl is addressed only because of her body, Nelly in the song makes the girl seem like an object when he makes her aware that the only time engaging a female is worthwhile is when she offers sex at the end of the day. By saying this he singles out sexual gratification as the only purpose the opposite gender exist for, in the video he goes as far as swiping an ATM card in her backside depicting as a purchasable commodity. From a journal by clinical psychologists once a woman’s body or bod parts are separated from her as a person and she is viewed as object of desire this sums up sexual objectification (E. Carr, L. Moffit, D. Szymanksi, 2011). According to them this can cause negative effects to women creating a physical standard women feel they must attain or females diminishing their potential to only sexual

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