The Perspective Of A Future Healthcare Professional Essay

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Though the phenomenon may reach back further, I can remember clearly that since high school, I viewed every activity I chose, every project I undertook, and every class I took from the perspective of a future healthcare professional.

On January 2, 2015, my family and I were leaving my childhood friend’s house after a dinner. As we drove past my friend’s house, I waved a bittersweet goodbye to her, as we were both getting ready to begin our second semester of college in a week. Little had I known I would greatly miss the busy college life and my friends during the 5-week winter break so I was beyond stoked and looking forward to starting the new semester.
That 10-minute drive home from her house ended up taking 10 days.
I was told a 21-year old lost control of her steering wheel and swerved into the oncoming traffic lane, hitting our car head on.
The next 2 months were filled with constant anxiety and worries.
I had a broken vertebrae and an orbital floor fracture.
This accident can be taken as a “blessing in disguise” from a certain perspective. (or This accident further sparked my interest in medicine.) It was this event when I experienced first-hand the power of medicine, not only in healing but also in bringing the community together. During my stay, I personally got to know my nurses and doctors and developed a strong confidence in their skills and abilities to heal my wounds and better my health quickly to allow me to get back on track. I was astounded to see my…

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