The Personal And Economical Value Of A College Education Essay

790 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Dusten Ault
15 November, 2015
The Personal and Economical Value of a College Education What is the value of a college education? Of course, because everyone measures value in their own way, it will surely vary under different circumstances, but it is safe to say that a college education is valued in more than just money. In a nation with a difficult economy and wide gaps in wealth distribution, it can be difficult for some high school students to find a way to attend college. While college may not be the best fit for all people, I believe that every single American should have the opportunity to find the best university or college for them and to attend if they so choose. In order to solve these issues, I propose a solution that will both educate and inspire newer generations to consider this opportunity. My proposal is composed of two parts: establishment of the College Readiness Foundation in all education systems and the modification of financial aid from external sources. The latter of this solution is flexible and uncertain, as some Federal and State legislatures ' laws may not be changed so simply. States in the nation have seen a dramatic decrease in "Go-on" rates in the last decade and Idaho, especially suffers from an extremely low Go-on rate. In order to increase the amount of students that continue their education, the first part of my proposed solution calls for a national organization in conjunction with high schools that will advocate higher education…

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