The Perks of Dynamic Stretching Essay

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How to Prepare Your Muscles for Athletic Performance

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises which use sport specific movements to prepare the body for movement.

Dynamic flexibility has been used successfully by trainers and coaches to increase flexibility and possibly lower the incidence of injury.

The main benefit of using dynamic stretching just before a sporting event or fitness routine is that, because dynamic stretches use motions similar to those that an athlete under takes, they effectively simulate a performance experience. For example, doing kicking stretches before soccer or a similar sport will effectively warm up the limbs and body to anticipate specific challenges. The
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Anything that is needed could be easily found lying around the house.
6. Easily Calibrated to Suit Anyone’s Needs
Plyometric exercising can be as simple as jumping on a trampoline several times a day or even using your old jump rope from back in the day. For someone looking for a little more intense workout, perhaps jumping back and forth from a lower platform to a higher platform would suit their needs. There are many ways to increase the intensity of the exercise by simply increasing the distance or height of each jump. Plyometric exercising is simply utilizing the muscular energy that it takes to jump to your own exercising advantage.

Static Stretching

Static stretches have been used traditionally by athletes and pretty much everyone who works out and exercises. Whenever people think of warming up before a run, or some other physical activity, they think of stretching. The idea is reinforced by movies and other public media.

Studies have shown that performing static stretches before exercise may not be as good for you as originally thought, however. The claim is that this type of stretch can weaken the muscle and make it more prone to injury during the ensuing activity. The muscle has a weaker response and generates less force; this effect can last up to 30 minutes.

Despite the negatives just mentioned, there are benefits to this type of stretch.
The major benefit is a

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