Perks Of Being A Wallflower Charlie Analysis

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Character- Charlie from The Perks of being a Wallflower

Charlie is one of my favorite characters because I find his personality to be relatable to my own. Charlie didn't have any friends until he met Sam and patrick. Charlie wanted friends so badly that he would do almost anything to get them, he wouldn't even raise his hand when he knew the answer to a question because he didn't want to be made fun of. When he made friends wih sam and Patrick he started to open up and come out of his shell. When they got mad at him for a long time he started to get depressedand revert back to his old ways. Even though sam and Patrick where upset with him he went to Patricks rescue when he witnessed him getting beat up.

Protagonist- Rusty from Stuck
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Through the entire movie Hazels cancer is always getting in the way of her life and it gets her down. Hazel had just given up on getting better until she met Augustus and then she began wanting to live longer to be with him. She didn't like the ending to the book she was reading and she wanted to travel and ask the author what he was thinking but her parents didn't want her to go because of her cancer. Hazel knew she had limited time but she chose to use it spending as much time with the people she loved. She didn't want people to grieve or sad when she died she wanted them to celebrate the time they had …show more content…
Samantha's parents got divorced when she was very young because her mother cheated on her father. Whenever someone approaches Sam she automatically pushes them away because she doesn't want to fall in love. Sam is afraid to fall in love because she thinks that all relationships are a lie and not worth it. By the end of the movie Sam had fallen in love with a boy and started dating him. He had gone to college with her but she never noticed him until he built up the courage to talk to her and at first she didn't like him but then she got to know him and fell in love.

Flat- Chanel from the show "Scream Queens"

Chanel #1 is the leader of the other chanels and she gets them to do all of her dirty work for her. She named her minions chanel because she didn't feel the need to learn their names. Anytime Chanel is about to get caught and get in trouble she just frames one of her minons. She always has to get her way, anyone that crosses chanels path will be put to their grave in a matter of

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