Perks Of Being A Wallflower Analysis Essay

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The movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower could be seen just as a story about surviving high school. Charlie, is counting down the days until he graduates. Charlie is an introvert; on the first day of school he had not made any friends. Charlie meets seniors, Sam and Patrick, step-siblings, at a high school football game; they become inseparable. Charlie opens up to his new friends about being hospitalized after his best friend committed suicide the year before. During the school year Charlie becomes close friends with Sam and Patrick’s group of friends, until he made a mistake that would cause his friends to stop talking to him. After losing his friendships, Charlie writes “things are getting bad again”, referring to his mental health. He …show more content…
Sam and Patrick had invited Charlie to a party after the high school football game. Sam and Charlie were making a milkshake when he reveals that his best friend committed suicide last year. The concern can be seen in Sam’s face in this scene. When Charlie and Sam are done in the kitchen, Sam makes a toast to Charlie. The toast is inviting him into the new group of friends. “I didn’t think anyone noticed me,” is what Charlie said (2012). Sam could tell that Charlie needed friends after Charlie explained his friend did not leave a note explaining his suicide. Sam was very caring and after seeing that Charlie was hurt by his friend’s actions; she decided that Charlie needed more supports, which is when she invited him into the new …show more content…
The fight start from Patrick’s ex-boyfriend making a comment about Patrick’s sexuality; their past relationship was kept hidden. When Charlie initially saw the fight, he rushed to Patrick’s side, fighting off all three of the football players. Charlie supported his friend and came to his side, even though he was outnumbered. Charlie is not the type of person to let his friends get hurt; he is one that would put his friend’s feelings before his own. He wants the very best for all of his friends, so when he saw Patrick getting hurt, he became enraged. He did not think about what consequences could come from fighting in school, or if he would get himself hurt, as long as he was there for his friend.
In addition, Charlie also showed friendly companionship when Patrick became upset about his ex-boyfriend rejecting him in front of the whole school. Even though the routine was the same every night, Charlie was by his side until the end of the school year, when Patrick would leave for college. Charlie did not like to see Patrick fall into depression, but he did not want him to be alone while feeling down; Charlie knows all too well the feeling of lonesome

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