The Percible In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Arthur Miller (1915-2005) is a well-known author and playwright of the twentieth century. He was raised in New York City and graduated from the University of Michigan. He graduated to become a journalist, but changed his purpose after finding success from his first dramatic script, and develop more into playwright. He made a family with his wife and had two children, then later bought a farm in Connecticut. During this time he continued to do more writing and became increasingly famous for a play he made in 1953 "The Crucible," which expanded his reputation as a well-known author.

This occurred during the time of the Red Scare. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) later questioned him for a secret meeting he attended, then was
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A group of girls and a black slave are caught by a reverend dancing in the woods and discovering witchcraft. Because they lived in a puritan society, were. They decide to lie and accuse witchcraft on the other citizens to avoid trouble. Abigail had an affair with the farmer known as John Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor, his wife that during the time had been sick at bed rest discovered the affair and fired Abigail. This inspires Abigail to get rid of Elizabeth in order to be with Mr. Proctor. The people in charge of the court take the opportunity to rid of the citizens as well for the purpose of possessing their land. Mr. Proctor went before the court and confessed about his affair and Abigail’s confession of her lying that she only told to him. He had lost to the court and was later arrested when the group of girls accused him of witch craft. As a result, the witch trials cause the deaths of many the many accused towns people. “Arthur Miller saw parallels between the Red Scare and this tragic episode from early American history during which around two hundred people were accused by their fellow citizens of practicing witchcraft based on little evidence in a sixteen-month period beginning in 1692( …show more content…
Senator Joseph R. McCarthy investigated in any assertions to communism or any arguments made to discredit them mostly involved in the Hollywood Industry, clubs, organizations, and government officials. Because of Miller’s play expressing the views that were opposing to the HUAC, he became a target. In the 1956, Arthur miller was charged with contempt of congress by refusing to give the names of people suspected to be communists. McCarthy forced his power of intimidation and fear on to whoever disagreed with him by damaging multiple reputations and careers. McCarthy and the HUAC actions continued until more people began to question the honesty of both him and HUAC around the late 1950 's. Miller was fined and given a suspended sentence with the conviction overturned by 1958. There is interesting similarities between both of their society’s unjustified court cases. “There were no trials, there was no need for evidence, and there was no semblance of justice. The accused was considered already guilty, regardless of any personal defense, and was encouraged to comply with HUAC and accuse others. As in Salem, anyone could be accused and called before the committee (

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