An Analysis Of Joseph Mccarthy's Enemies From Within Speech

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Profile in Courage
In the midst of turmoil and chaos, one woman stood and did what she believed was right. It was nineteen-fifty, tension was running high and the fear of communism permeated throughout American society. Joseph McCarthy’s “Enemies from Within” speech furthered paranoia about communism and instigated rapid accusations, many of the accusations had no solid evidence at all. In the span of twenty-four hours from the “Enemies from Within” speech, Joseph McCarthy became a sensation. McCarthy’s approval ratings skyrocketed, gaining a huge national following, becoming the most popular senator overnight. For a few months, McCarthy stood unopposed. Although many in the Senate disliked McCarthy’s actions, with McCarthy’s shocking popularity
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Chase never specified who she was talking about, but everyone saw the true object of her speech. Chase’s speech surprisingly received an abundant amount of support and not surprisingly criticism. McCarthy made sure that Chase was replaced by Richard Nixon on the subcommittee on Permanent Investigation. McCarthy and his followers smeared her name, calling her names like “Snow White and the Six Dwarfs.” and “Moscow-loving.” Although “Declaration of Conscience” did not immediately end McCarthy’s reign, Chase’s words help doubt blossom in the minds of the American people, Chase’s courage inspired others, her courage led her to become “... the fourth-most admired woman in the world, according to the Gallup Poll.”(Fitzpatrick, “The Unfavored Daughter: When Margaret Chase Smith Ran in the New Hampshire Primary.”). McCarthy had the pleasure of smearing Chase’s name, Chase had the pleasure of voting for McCarthy’s censorship. This censorship becoming the key component to McCarthy’s downfall. Even though Chase’s career took a dip, Chase bounced back and became one of the few woman to ever run for president. Chase was able to break through constraints and demonstrate true political …show more content…
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