Essay on The Perception Of Sex Trafficking And Prostitution

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The perception of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution symbolizes a trade with something that should not be traded with. It is the unjustified exchange and enslavement between women and children. The fundamentals of Prostitution and Sex trafficking prosper on the satisfaction of disrupting and exploiting women and children from every culture for man 's gratification by enforcing sex. It is a contemporary day slavery in the embodiment of an abundantly profitable industry that has no limit in repressing strict control over women 's voluntary and involuntary sexual activity and holds absolutely no moral to the rights of women and children. Prostitution and Sex Trafficking both exists because of the structural inequality between men and women.

In numerous cultures that are predominantly patriarchal religion; meaning that men are seen as the dominant figure, it is the common perception that women and children are less valuable and easily disposable. Therefore, women and children are often forced and coerced into the sex industry because they have no voice, being that would infringe upon the belief that men are the presiding figure and their bodies are the property and belongings of their pimps. The majority of the time trafficked victims and prostitutes come from countries or regions where there is economic and political instability, extreme poverty, war, and high unemployment. Other times, it is because of physical abuse at home, an unstable family or the victim is sold to…

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