The Overall Well Being of Children Essays

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The Overall Well Being of Children
LeTeya M. Scott
HS5318: Scope of Human Services
Capella University

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The topic of Child Welfare has a plethora of issues and problems that can be addressed to better serve the victims and families. In the Child Welfare profession, one of the biggest misconceptions is the agency wants to permanently remove children from their families and because of this many times Child Welfare workers receives constant ridicule and backlash for carrying out their job duties. In order to properly protect children, Child Welfare workers require a substantial amount of support from other local agencies, state and federal governments. Often in time,
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It was in the 1960’s that America saw an influx in the interest of abuse and neglect. Prior to the 1960’s there was little to no training on child abuse and the issue was barely addressed. It was in 1942 when pediatrician Henry Kemp and his colleagues published the article The Battered Child Syndrome. This article followed an article written in 1946 by pediatric radiologist John Caffey and in the article Mr. Caffey addressed the suspected child abuse in six children. After the publication of this article, a small stream of physicians began to draw attention to the source of abuse in some childhood injuries. With the passage of the Social Security Act in 1962, Child Protection services were finally recognized as part of the public child welfare (Meyers, 2008) but it was in the 1970’s when all states were required to make child welfare services available worldwide. With this requirement there was also an expansion in child protection services. While these laws were falling into place, the popularity of child abuse and neglect became the country’s concentration. In 1974, about 60,000 cases were reported, in 1980 about one million cases were reported and in 2000 the number reached 3 million. The improvement in the responsiveness of child abuse and neglect formed a surge in precautionary measures. In 1980 Congress passed the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act or the AACWA. The purpose of this act was to insure that each state made

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