Essay about The On Susan 's Visa

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Mary stated that Vassallo coerced Susan from her at her lowest point, as evidence by him driving Susan to the Department of Licensing just days before her massive seizure followed a week later by her passing. She said Vassallo knew enough to manipulate Susan when the cancer was invading her brain and thought process. Mary said Vassallo was combative with close family and friends that truly knew Susan and her nature, not wanting them to spend time with Susan toward the end of her life. Mary stated that Vassallo should be convicted of stealing her cars and boat and taking advantage of a person with greatly diminished mental capacity.

On 12/14/15, John sent me an email concerning account activity on Susan’s VISA account in September and October, 2014. He indicated that during that time he and his family were concerned with Susan 's health and the involvement of Vassallo. Susan’s VISA showed that it was used for a trip to California and to Florida. John stated that it was during that time that they had attempted to call Susan on her cell phone and were unable to connect with her and talk with her. He said prior to the trip Susan told him that she did not go to Disneyland due to so many small kids at the site. John found this odd that Susan went to Disneyland, since she had never mentioned to him an interest in going to theme parks.

I contacted Susan’s neighbor, Christine O’Connell whose house (13255 Holmes Pt Dr. NE) over looks Susan’s house. Christine informed me…

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