The Norma Short Story

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Title In the short story “Norma” by Sonia Sanchez, there is a girl named Sonia, who is shy and needs help with a math problem. Another character, Norma, goes up to the board and shows Sonia how to do it. Norma was from Mississippi, and was the only kid who would talk to the “pip-squeaks.” On another day, Norma asked their French teacher a question Sonia could not understand. They argued, then Norma snapped; after that day, Norma was not the same. Later in high school, after Sonia had forgotten about her due to school work, someone announced that Norma was pregnant. She was kicked out of school, but years later, the two met at the corner of 145th street. They conversed, but Sonia sees things on Norma that should not be there: tracks and heavy …show more content…
Afterwards, Norma started to get quieter and quieter until all she would do was sit and watch them struggle with their accents. Norma used to be a good student but after this event she started becoming less and less of a role model to Sonia. After this happened, Sonia liked the class much less. Two final ways that show Sonia being let down are that when Sonia got to high school. She had forgotten about Norma, but when it was announced that she was pregnant and kicked out of school for it, Norma became even less of a role model for Sonia. The last event that had Norma let Sonia down was probably the most significant one; they met and talked, then Sonia saw what Norma had become. She had essentially become a role model of what not to be. Sonia even cried on the spot. To summarize, Sonia liked and looked up to Norma because she was the only one who talked to the “pip-squeaks” in middle school, and she even personally helped Sonia with her homework in from of the whole class, saving her family trouble. Then, while being busy in high school, she forgot about Norma, but during lunch one day someone announced that Norma was pregnant. This along with them meeting at the corner of 145th street caused Sonia to feel let down by Norma and this is the reason that Sonia agrees never to agree

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