What Is Remy's Abandonment?

Remy’s abandonment issues originate from her father’s abandonment. Remy’s father left her mother before Remy was born and died two years later. He never took the opportunity to see Remy, let alone be a father to her. She knew her father was letting her down and had no interest to be a part of her life. Remy knows that her father choose not to be a part of her life, and that is why she says, “[Writing the song] was an ultimate out, [it only admitted] to the world that he’d only disappoint me…” (163). She feels disappointed and un-special because her father never wanted to have a relationship with her. So, she feels that people find her un-special and will eventually leave her.
In a similar way to her father, Remy’s mother plays a role
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Remy notices this distance between her and her mother when Remy and her newest stepfather, Don, get into a fight after her parents are locked out of the house. After the fight, her mother goes to soothe Don rather than making sure her daughter is okay. It strikes Remy suddenly that “… the distance between us was much greater than what I could see from where I was standing. Like that line, always so clear to me, had somehow shifted, or never even been where I’d thought it was at all” (246). Remy had never noticed there was a distance between her and her mother until her fight with Don. It established the fact that even though her marriages have never been successful, Remy’s mother chooses her husbands over her own daughter.
Her mother’s five, unsuccessful marriages taught Remy that love does not exist and she has commitment issues because she was never shown a lasting relationship. This belief that love does not exist or last causes Remy to have a negative and cynical belief in relationships. This is why her boyfriends have “expiration dates”; Remy goes into a relationship knowing she will give “The Speech” to slow down the relationship, then sleeps with them, and then reasons with herself that it’s time to end it (135). She does not know how to be in a long term, committed relationship because of her mother’s failed

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