Norma Rae Case Study

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As she is copying down the bulletin, all the male supervisors approach Norma and begin harassing her and then questioning her about making phone calls on company time. At this point Norma Rae becomes defensive and unruly during the questioning and requests the full names of all the gentleman in the office with her. The mill management refuses and demand that Norma Rae to leave company property immediately, Norma refuses and she combatively exclaims that if they want her to leave the sheriff needs to come get her and take her home. After that, she again refuses to leave and storms out of the office and goes into the weaving room and instead gets up on one of the tables after creating a sign stating “Union” and hold it up for everyone to …show more content…
If management would have approached the situation in a professional and legal manner they may have been able to prevent the unionization, but this would have required them to acknowledge Norma Rae’s concerns and desired changes. They should have offered to at least compromise with Norma Rae and potentially have extended break times by 10 minutes or add in two more additional 15 minute break times. Additionally, they should have not even argued about the Kotex machines, since they have female employees and should have put a machine in each female restroom. The mill managers should also make an effort to make the employee’s work feel valued. They should pay their employees a base pay based off of similar mills in the area and then provide pay increases equal to or exceeding that level (Fredericks, 2015). They should also start offering senior employees yearly raises, bonus/incentive plans, and quality incentive rewards (Fredericks, 2015). For future issues the managers should create an open door management policy that allow for fair and consistent policies and practices (Society for Human Resource Management, 2012). This would give the mill employees a feeling of having a voice and that management would hear their issues and take them into account. I believe that if the mill workers felt that they had a voice and the ability to make positive changes in the mill that they would forgo the need for

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