Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: A Case Study

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In every company, a hierarchal structure of management exists such that the employees are placed at the bottom while the management team appears at the top. However, in some instances the role of employees is underestimated because they are viewed to be like the other factors of productions such as land, capital and machinery and that they are replaceable (Turner et al., 2008). Under normal circumstances, the employees wish to be appreciated for their roles in any firm (Davis, 1996). Additionally, it is good to provide them with an assurance of job security, good salaries and their role in the running of the company felt. This goes hand in hand with the expected outputs of employees whose payments are good as far as the day to day activities of an institution are concerned. On another end, the employees feel that they need to be involved in giving their opinions that could improve the manner in which the businesses are run. The employers need to provide occupational safety management methods to the employees so as to ascertain their safety at their places of work. However in most occasions, these basic rights in addition to notice before firing an …show more content…
Failure to observe these, an employer is likely to plunge into crisis as a result of creating an environment in which disgruntled workers exist while at the same time attracting possibilities for investigations by the government and being sued in the courts of law. Employers should always learn to treat the employees with fairness and equally in cases of making decisions related to hiring process. This means that such crucial decisions should not be made on the basis of race, disability, gender, tribe or age. Moreover, an employer should not harass the employees based on discriminatory factors (Davis,

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