Women In The Workplace Research Paper

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There has been immense increase in the number of women working in the United States as compared to the past years. Most of the jobs were previously thought to be chiefly for the men folk and only a few women were allowed to work. Men in the same analogy made it clear that they were the only ones supposed to work and bring home the bread. However, this tenet has been disputed recently by the increment in the number of women working in higher offices. Women have been treated very unfair for many, many years throughout the workplace. Women today are almost as equal as men in the workplace, but it has taken lots of work to get there. In this paper, you will read about the beginning of when women started working, some of the key examples as to why …show more content…
35). In fact, they were encouraged to take their place, simply because there wasn’t anyone else to do it. As women became more active in the workplace, the demands for higher wages did too. “In 1950, about one in three women participated in the labor force” (Heathfield, 2011). As women were more active in the workforce, they felt that their wages should be equal to what men were making for the various jobs that they did. Some women felt that as though they were only able to work in certain jobs that was only qualified as a “woman” job. That being the case, the wages that they were paid were less then men simply because in employers eyes, the job didn’t qualify for as much wages. “Men would work in professions such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, engineers, and even firefighters. Women would work in professions such as receptionist, secretary, cashier, sales worker, registered nurse, school teacher, waitress, and book keeper/auditor” (Murphy & Graff, 2005, pg. 146). Since these jobs were completely different, employers felt that they didn’t have to pay women as much as men. Now, looking at today, and knowing the different professions that women take place in, do you think they work just as hard as men and deserve the same level of wages as men receive? Because of the professions that men do, employers feel as though it is harder work and therefore don’t pay as much for the jobs that women do. Why don’t women apply for the …show more content…
Unions typically are not an employers best friend because once a union is formed with members, they all tend to stick together. This could result in a whole bunch of people going on strike until they get what they want. “Back in the late 1800’s, the first woman union was formed by Kate Mullaney. She led a strike against 14 commercial laundries demanding wage increases and attention to women’s safety. With 300 other women part of the strike, they felt like it was a great idea. Within two years of having the strike, the union members increased their member’s wages from 3-4 dollars a week to 14 dollars a week” (Doyle, 2011).
Even though lots of obstacles have happened throughout the years, women have still fault to have the same equal rights as men. Today, through various laws that have been established women are almost as equal as men in the workplace. Women today are holding the same jobs as men and receiving comparable wages too. Where women used to be just nurses, they are now doctors too. The jobs that paid less than men that were comparable are now paid the

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