Essay on The New Testament Of The Bible

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The New Testament is the second part of the Bible which was originally written in Greek. It records the life and teachings of Jesus –Christ and his disciples. It is composed of four Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John), the Acts of Apostles, and twenty-one epistles by St. Paul and a book of Revelation as well. According to Ehrman (2012), THE New Testament is also composed of books that were thought to be written by Jesus’ own apostles.
The first four books contained in the New Testament are Gospels – which means good news. They proclaim the good news by telling stories about Jesus’ death and life, his ministry, miracles, teachings, last days, crucifixion, and resurrection. (Ehrman 2012, pg.8). What (what kind of thing) is the Bible? The Bible is the word of God is a collection of 66 books which were written by different authors – approximately 40, and in different languages. The are two major part contained in the Bible: the Old Testament and the New Testament.
The Old Testament contains 39 books in total and 929 chapters. With its longest book being Psalms and the shortest one is Obadiah (which is also the third shortest book in the entire Bible). The New Testament contains 27 books and 260 chapters. Its longest book is Acts and the shortest one 3 John – which is also the shortest book in the Bible. The New Testament has five history books: Acts and the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), 21 epistles and one book of prophecy (Revelation). How did the…

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