The Negatives Of Democracy: What Is Democracy?

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What is democracy?
Democracy can be defined as the system of government in which the ruling power of a state is legally vested, not in any particular population group or class, but in the people. Abraham Lincoln(President of the United States of America 1861-1865), said that democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people. The word democracy comes from the Greek word demos and knatia, in other words rule by people meaning all citizens in the city state Athens. Democracy thus determines who rules and elections are regarded as embodying the popular or majoritarian aspect of contemporary liberal democracy. (Plattner 2008:48).
Although democracy is defined as the ruling power of a state, government by the people it has the
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According to experts, democracy seems to be very first schools for good citizenship. This is where individuals learn about their duties and rights starting from their birth until the time of their death.
Negatives of Democracy
According to Asia-pacific economic blog. 2014. These are the negatives of democracy.
Misuse of time and resources
Democracy can also lead to wasted resources and time. This also takes huge time in law formulations. Also, lots of money is being spent during elections. There is also the possibility of being ruled by irresponsible and incompetent leaders who just waste public funds for their recreations and tours.
Wrong choice
Not all individuals under a democratic country are aware of political and social circumstances in their country. Some of them are not even acquired with political issues. This may lead to erroneous decisions and selections in the event of elections.
Give more emphasis on quantity instead of
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Pure democracy is when people decide on their own what they want and want to do things on their own, it cannot be that a society can be made up of individuals that reside on their own as individuals. Thus pure democracy can never be a good enough democracy because not society can fully be dependent on a democracy where every person chooses what they want, when they want, this would make for a country with no order.
As I see it, the best democracy is the constitutional democracy. Constitutional democracy is democracy which is a system of government where political authority, the power of government is defined, limited, and distributed by a body of fundamental law called the constitution. This is because democracy has to be a beneficial entity for all humankind and it should be brought to the people. (
As Aristotle said “If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all people alike share in the government to the

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