The Importance Of The Charter Of Rights And Freedom In Canada

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In Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is considered to be one of the fundamentals of this nation. In the text below, I will argue that the Charter has indeed strengthened democracy in this nation by illustrating five points. I fully agree with Larry Diamond, a political scientist, on his point of view of democratic system. He believes that it should include active participation of all citizens by making a law that protects and applies to the population equally.

What is Democracy?
First of all, to better understand the content of this essay the definition of democracy is essential. Democracy is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a
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It is considered a reasonable initiative in the government’s part to put limits on the police force for the good of the general public. For example, in a recent case in Montreal, the police had put many reporters’ phones under surveillance. It is an act that violated people’s privacy and an intrusion on part two and part three of people’s fundamental rights that states “…. [Freedom] to associate with whomever we wish, as long as we do not infringe valid laws, which protect the rights and interests of others.” It also states that” The media are free to print and broadcast news and other information, subject only to reasonable and justifiable limits set out in law.” The Charter is set as a mean to protect the freedoms and rights for the people who are not in a position to make decisions that affects their lives. Therefore, the Charter of Rights truly empowered individuals to recognize their fundamental rights. As a result, it strengthened democracy for the reason that it protects the human rights of all …show more content…
There’s more provinces in Canada that are French speaking than just Québec, maybe it appears to us that way because of its history of the French habitation. As a matter of fact, there is an enormous amount of the French population outside the province of Québec in areas such as New Brunswick, Manitoba and Western part of Ontario. In section 16 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom gives all Canadians the right to use either French or English in Parliament, which helps to facilitate the involvement of Quebec and other French speaking provinces. Another part of the Charter is section 23 gives rights for children to be educated under either French or English school systems. With the freedom and availability to choose the language of instruction in either in English or French truly gave Quebecers more sense of belonging in our nation. This point illustrates that democracy was increased in ways of inclusion and social support on freedom of language, which encourages Canadians to embrace its rich French heritage

Fourthly, before the Charter came into effect, the rights of the First Nation were unprotected, neglected and demeaned. The Charter of Rights and Freedom protect the aboriginal population’s rights in section 25.
The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed as to abrogate or derogate from any

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