The Needle And Our Drug Essay

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The Needle to Our Drug
In today’s society, we always have our eyes stuck to the screen of our cell phones. Most use our cell phones to text the people that we are closest with, email with apps to our teachers or employers, and we use social media to voice our opinions about our world and how we view it. The most information that we communicate to other people most likely goes to social media, because it’s so easy to just post an opinionated article or share an opinionated status, thinking that you can’t start a fight. We only seem to talk face to face with immediate family or people that we see every day, such as other students. College students, and even myself, usually communicate with our cellphones to stay connected to the world, because it’s the easiest way to get information and it’s instant. Many feel as if they are dependent upon their phones. The survey found that “57% check their phone at least once every 5 minutes without receiving notifications or alerts” (Addiction 295). Basically, we check our phones way too much. I experience this symptom of phone dependency all the time. I mostly check my phone when I’m bored in class or even bored of homework and even while writing this paper. I check my phone just to see if I’ve received notifications that I might have missed. Checking our phones too much can make them a big distraction. Phones can be huge distractions in our daily lives. While conducting the survey, the researchers found that “only about a…

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