The National Collegiate Athletic Association Essay

1489 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
The National Collegiate Athletic Association also know as the NCAA is a multi-billion dollar business that controls just about everything in college sports. A question asked over and over again when talking about college sports is, where does that money go that the NCAA makes from games and merchandise? According to the NCAA, the money they make goes into the scholarships the school 's offers, stadium upgrades, gear the athletes have, and getting the best coaches to get them into the professional league. Well, are scholarships and big name Coaches enough for the athletes? If you ask the NCAA this is the best they can do and every year they try to increase the amount of scholarships a school is able to offer and increase the amount of money each scholarship is worth. Sadly, the scholarship is not enough money to cover everything needed to attend the school the athlete feels is the best place to play at. The athlete is forced to either take loans out or go to a different school. Now while going to the smaller college may not seem like a big deal to outsiders to the athlete going to the big name school was their way of being noticed by professional teams and maybe a chance at being able to play at the top level. If the athletes were to be compensated for being part of the team, this could be a big help for students with financial problems. With the money they get, they do not have to borrow that big amount of money to get through school. The NCAA has to power to change…

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