Essay about The Museum Of Fine Art

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I have visited quite a few museums before but never have I been to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. I get the impression that art students are always pushed to explore their imagination as well as their boundaries regarding art in all of its forms but for us non art students, the unfamiliar experience at an art museum, comes very welcomed. Although I have never visited art museums in Boston, back home in Pennsylvania, I have and in other states. From these experiences, which have tapped into the imaginary parts of my mind, I later made it a point to try and visit as many well-known galleries and museums all around the world.
Some of the greatest paintings and artifacts in history have been exhibited throughout the biggest museums known today. The MFA in Boston Massachusetts being ranked amongst them. With honorable members and donors, the MFA in Boston has some of the most famous paintings which in turn attract a vast interest from numerous visitors. After being exposed to some of the treasures these museums hold, I found that quite intrigued by classical art and that specifically of the Renaissance period. Michelangelo and Da Vinci, Raffaello (Raphael) are a few of my favorite artists and the ones I admire the most for their bravery in artistic innovation those times. Again, the MFA in Boston has proven to be an exceptional place to explore more about art and my artistic mindset.
On my first visit to the MFA this past week I was overwhelmed with feelings of…

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