The Movie Babies ( 2010 ) Essays

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In the movie Babies (2010), there were some distinct differences in the development of each baby based on its gender. As stated in Santock (2016, p. 169), boys are more likely to engage in rough tumble play as well as risk taking. These characteristics were seen in the Mongolian child, Beyarjargal. Since he was the only male baby, he stood out as the mischievous one compared to the other three female babies. More often than not, he was filmed getting into interesting, also possibly dangerous situations. He did end up getting reprimanded by his mother after spilling over the bowl of water; which is a limited resource in that rural area (Babies, 2010).

Parents happen to play a major role in the gender development of their children. Mothers will often place more restrictions on their daughter’s freedom and ability to be independent (Santrock, 2016, p. 169). Hattie, the child growing up in San Francisco, seemed very enclosed in her home environment and not exposed to the outside world very often (Babies, 2010). Most of the scenes that included her showed Hattie interacting with her parents or doing some activity inside her house rather than interacting with other kids her own age. In the case of Ponijao, the Namibian child, she was shown only interacting with her mother and there didn’t seem to be a father in the picture, which will surely have an impact on her gender development (Babies, 2010).

What does the film suggest about child-rearing practices? Describe the various…

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