Essay on The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life

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“About 1 in 9 murders have been commited by youth under 18 in 1999. On average about 5 youths are arrested for murder in this country each day ( a total of 1,176 in 1999).” Teenage murder isn’t something that is very big right now but murder is a very big issue dealt world wide. Not many people may answer “ yes” to this question or that they ever murdered someone, fortunantly I did not either , but one thing that it did murder was my confidence and my emotions. The most embarrassing moment of my life was when I almost murdered my crush, well kind of. Throughout my life I have experienced many significant awkward moments, I do not know why but they always find a way to me. It is something that I have gotten used to already and I just expect it to happen. One of these times was when I was a sophomore in High School and I was participating in the Blood Drive, I was going to donate that day. It was a normal Monday morning and everyone was pretty much there for the same thing in the blood drive, to donate. I was in line waiting for my turn to check my blood iron levels prior to donating to see if I was clear to donate and if my body could handle it, I was hoping that they would send me back to my classroom. You may think to yourself why is this girl at a blood drive if she doesn’t want to donate. I was terrified of needles and anything that had to do with them, but the main reason was because I had a crush on this tall blonde boy from Spain. He had the cutest…

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