The Moral Status Of Invasive Animal Research Essay

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"Our work is not driven by the pleasure of harming an animal..."- Science Now. Animal research has contributed to provide treatments for many diseases that can cause death for many years. It had a significant affect on improving medication for both humans and animals. We can’t doubt that these researches have a negative affect on animals, since they suffer much from experiments and procedures that need to be made for research, but it’s a scientific necessity. Therefore based on peer-reviewed articles I went through the way to solve this issue is by resuming researches but at the same time make animals suffer less and provide them with a healthy positive environment within the ethical framework.

The first perspective is to place animals in a suitable environment that have positive impact on them and provide them comfort. Based on “ The moral Status of Invasive Animal Research” by Bernard E. Rollin, according to the director of the National Institutes of Health “ ethical issues such as gene sequencing are always controversial, but research should not be hampered by moral considerations”(Rollin, 2012, p. 4) This means the ethical issues concerning the sufferings of animals shouldn’t hinder scientists from continuing their researches. Therefore what we can do is to treat animals as well as possible. Rollin’s (2012) study found the following: … The vast majority of experiments performed on animals do not cause significant pain, 100 percent of research animals…

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