The Moral And Ethical Dilemmas Essay example

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In healthcare today we are faced with many moral and ethical dilemmas, many of which have been created by the advent of newer technology. Some of the current topics include the 13-year-old girl in California declared brain dead, the pregnant woman in Texas who was declared brain dead and the hospital obeying the law to keep her on life support to get the baby to an age to deliver, the issues or reproductive technology---how many embryo to implant, genetic disposition (getting a baby with blue eyes and an IQ of 175), abortion, and the large issue of alcohol or drug impaired nurses (and doctors).
What are your thoughts on these topics and any others you can think of that would cause moral distress for you working in these situations? Please provide some current literature to support your thoughts/ feelings/knowledge about these topics. . As standard please get involved in the discussion and reply to at least two of your classmates. I would imagine there will be much to discuss in this topic.
After spending so many hours trying to figure out what would I do as a mother versus what would I do as a nurse, I realized that I will probably do the same as Nailah Spears-Winkfield. This is the case of a 13-year old who was declared brain dead by the state of California after undergoing a tonsillectomy to stop her sleep apnea. I cannot imagine the pain that this family has gone through, trying to keep Jahi McMath alive. I also put myself on the shoes of the medical team and as…

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