Dr. Goldstein 's Act Of Calling Bert Was Ethically Sound Essay

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According to Ed 's physician, if he is not placed on a ventilator, he will die within a few days from pneumonia and lung congestion causing low levels of oxygen. These situations are ethically tough to evaluate, as their is never a right or wrong answer, but more so using one 's best clinical judgement if the patient still holds the capacity to make sound decisions. If the physician believed as if Ed 's symptoms are effecting his decision making ability, then I believe Dr. Goldstein 's act of calling Bert was ethically sound. "It is a patient 's written directive to continue or to withhold treatment or to administer painkilling drugs if the person has incurable disease, illness, or condition via which the patient has become incompetent and can no longer speak for him or herself" (Baillie, Garrett, Garrett, McGeehan, Health Care Ethics: Principles and Problems, 2009, p.182-183). Ed 's physician has taken the responsibility under his license to believe that Ed lacks the competence to understand what he is saying due to his declining state of health. Since Bert is Ed 's Durable Power of Attorney, I believe this completely overrides Ed 's advanced directive. Bert should obviously make his decisions based upon what he know Ed would want, keeping in mind his mental capacity before his illness as well. Eric can in fact authorize Dr. Goldstein to use the ventilator if he so believes that would have been in Ed 's best interests. Eric, however, has no right to be involved in any…

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