American Nursing Code Of Ethics Case Study

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American College of Healthcare Executives Code of Ethics is for Healthcare leadership representatives. Currently I am a Practice Manger for a health care company, and am pursuing a role as a Regional Director. The ACHE Code of Ethics set a guideline for Healthcare Leadership to interact with their patients, colleagues, community and other organizations. Rules of ethical behavior for the leadership are covered in the Code of Ethics. An essential focus of healthcare leadership is to provide and develop a service that is proficient and effective. Ethics and values are import for healthcare leadership as they are beholden to provide a trustful, respectful confident service to the public. Leadership
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There are five levels of code of ethics, basic, currently attainable, practical and theoretical. The ACHE Code of Ethics is categorized in the practical level. With attentive determination the practical level of ethics can be met the majority of the time. According to the ACHE Code of Ethics leadership in the healthcare fields should not abuse professional relationships for personal situations. In the medical field it is important for your professional relationships to be maintained as professional. The leadership team has access to patient records, of family or friends. However this practice would lead to huge legal fines. Also it is important that the medical leadership team is considered trustworthy and honest, which is another portion of the code. The ACHE Code states any business activities should use integrity, honesty, good faith and, respect fairness that represents the medical leadership profession in a positive manner. If the patients do not feel as though your practice is trustworthy or honest they will take their business elsewhere. Also untrustworthy practices face being shut down or …show more content…
The Grane Healthcare Company should review and revise their professional Code of Ethics. Once this is complete the code the leadership team should review it so they can make sure it is able to be enforced. Trustworthiness and honesty should be involved in the new policy. A public statement by Grane Healthcare Representatives should be made. Their statement should be honest and implement a plan to correct the alleged issue as well as an apology. With an honest statement they will be able to gain the trust of their patients and patient’s families. This will also prevent future possible residents from straying away from their facilities. This resolution is just as it provides both a plan as to what is can prevent this issue in the future, as well as an apology for the alleged wrong

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