The Millennium Development Goals And Objectives Essay

1009 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
I disagree with the statement “The Millennium Development Goals will only end up being the latest failure by the developed world to live up to undertakings they make the developing world” because they impact and change developing countries. The Millennium Development was created by world leaders to improve the standards of under developing countries and continue to increase its promises by the time frame projected. The Millennium Development Goals also known as (MDGs) was agreed upon by the many world leaders over a decade ago to achieve in working together with various governments, the United Nations, family, private sectors and civil society to successfully succeed in saving many lives and improving the living conditions of less fortunate people in developing countries and societies by the year of 2015. The Millennium Development Goals have many targets and plans to accomplish- some of which had come ahead of the deadline. The Millennium Development Goals that world leaders decided to take action upon included poverty, hunger, education, gender equality and empower women, child mortality, improve maternal health, combat HIV/AID, malaria and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, and lastly to develop a global partnership for development. Due to the improvements of these eight issues that developing countries encounter I believe this statement is false. The tasks of the eight goals that the developed world promised towards under developing countries may not…

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