Mississippi Delta Poverty

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In this study, the focus is to enhance understanding of poverty in the United States with a special focus on the Mississippi Delta region. It is true that studies have been conducted and the state of poverty in the country widely documented. However, it is true that this state continues to change with the changing environmental patterns. The Mississippi Delta region has been unique in terms of poverty level. While the country seems to be recording an improvement in the fight against poverty, the condition seems to be worsening in this region. The United States still remains the preferred destination for immigrants coming from all over the world.
Nevertheless, it is strange that the population of this region has been going down while other
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They help in defining what the study seeks to achieve. In this study, the primary aim is to create an understanding of the current status of poverty in the United States with a special focus on the Mississippi Delta region. The following are the specific research objectives for the study.
• To determine the level of poverty in the Mississippi Delta
• To determine whether poverty in Mississippi is structural or systemic
• To explain why the Mississippi Delta is still struggling with
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In 1981, this region had about 80 percent of its population living below the poverty line. However, this changed significantly in 2012 where only 7.2 percent of the region’s population lives in absolute poverty. South Asia has also registered good improvement in the fight against absolute poverty. In 1981, about 58 percent of its population lived in absolute poverty. This was significantly reduced to 18.7% in 2012. People’s Republic of China has recorded the highest decline in absolute poverty over the last three decades. It is estimated that over 753 million people living in China moved above the poverty line of living on $ 1.9 a day. In the same period, the world recorded a reduction of people living below the poverty line by 1.1 billion people. It means that China alone accounted for more than half the word’s total population who crossed from absolute

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