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Customer service is something that is everywhere and in every business, but good customer service is hard to find. Most of the time, businesses hire a customer service representative to help their business, but what they do not know is how that representative is treating its customers. A customer service representative is the person who accommodates a customer before, during and after their purchase. But over the past years, customer service has been decreasing in value. Not many employees are giving the ultimate representation that they are getting paid for. It is important to good customer service can build loyal customers as well as business equity. This makes customers come back to the business and spend more money. When there is good …show more content…
By welcoming them the employee is setting the tone of the customers visit and making them fell welcomed. The employee should be engaged with the customer on a certain level so that they understand the customer more. Don’t make the customer feel like an inconveniences or another commission, instead engaged with them and make them feel important (Hyken, 2014). Use positive/proper body language that shows the customer that you are interesting in the conversation because “Language is not appropriate or effective without the appropriate attitude and behavior and once this understanding has been gained then the service language tools can be tailored to meet each guest 's needs” (Mullen, …show more content…
This is a way that keeps the customer coming back to the business. Following up is a sign of respect that shows the customer that they valued and their business is appreciated. There are many businesses that promise to follow up but never do so by following up “this presents your business with an outstanding opportunity to rise above others and create a rock-solid reputation for saying what you 'll do and then doing what you say” (Feuer, 2013). This will not only be good for the customer but also for the business in general as well.
The Middle Manager’s Responsibilities
Managers play a big role in customer service because they are the ones who tell their employees how things need to be done and when they need to be done. Managers are the individuals who set the example for employees to follow. Managers are also the individuals who have the power to make their employees work efficiently an effectively. Being a managers comes with many responsibilities and they have to be proactive about their decisions. Managers should be implementing and suggesting new things all the time when they see that something is not working in their workplace.

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