G Market Case Study

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What G-market needs in order to maintain loyal customers
The Korean online store G-market is an organization much like Amazon. It offers various products such as groceries, clothing, and electronics by registering multiple suppliers to sell their products through the website. If a register is accepted, G-market allows the products to be sold under its name. I’ve been a customer of G-market for about five years, and I had my first problem with them this summer. After receiving a scale that I ordered, I noticed that it was broken—I lost five pounds in one day according to the scale, which I knew couldn’t be right. I returned the product the next day and waited for my money back. A few weeks went by, and the money was still not back in my account.
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The seller was hard to reach; he never answered the phone calls or replied to various e-mails. I called G-market customer service a few days later to get help with the situation. But they said they couldn’t help me because the organization itself is not the seller. G-market then told me to contact the seller. When the seller finally called me back, he told me to call the customer service, which, of course, was very frustrating. Throughout the service period, I felt like the organization did not care at all about helping me, and I had to constantly call back and forth to check on things. In the end, I did get my money back, but it took two months. After some research, I realized I wasn’t the only one who experienced inconvenience with the organization. The whole experience made me very disappointed at G-market and the customer service they provided …show more content…
In order to have good performance, good interaction between actor and audience is needed, because a happy customer becomes a loyal customer. To perform successfully, actors have to be ready to change their behavior for each audience. So, first of all, methods for recruiting representatives should be reviewed. Firstly, it is important to train and educate the representatives properly; they are the main people who directly speak with the customers. Dealing with customers, there will be numerous situations that are hard to resolve. One way to start is training them to have more knowledge about the organization’s regulation in order to help customers more quickly. The way representatives speak, their tone of voice, and making sure that customers feel that they are valued can also be taught in the training. Secondly, motivate the employees to be better. Making a positive atmosphere can contribute to a more productive work place, which will motivate employees to have a positive attitude when servicing the customers. For instance, a rewards program can be created for the employees. Rewarding a bonus or a prize can boost employees’ performance and overall workplace satisfaction. Lastly, the sellers should be willing to represent the organization well. Even if a seller does not work directly with the organization, they are still

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