The Mexican American War Was The First U.s. Armed Conflict Essay

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The Mexican-American War was the first U.S. armed conflict that occurred on foreign grounds. The war started because of unsolved border conflicts between Mexico and Texas after the United States annexed Texas. The war brought a huge set of victories to the U.S. over Mexico, causing Mexico to lose about one third of its territory. It also gave a huge portion of land to the U.S. making it an enormous win and greatly influencing the development of the country.
Before the War: Causes of War
When Mexico gained its independence from Spain, Mexico had a enormous amount of territory, spreading all the way from Texas to California. They owned a much larger territory than the United States. In 1836, Texas gained independence from Mexico, but the United States did not include Texas into the union for various reasons: the government not wanting to add a new slave state, and also that the Mexican government warning the United States than any attempt to annex Texas would lead to war. Even after these circumstances the process of annexation was quickly started by the United States after the 1844 election of Polk. James K. Polk was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, in the year 1795. Polk is sometimes referred to as the first dark horse president, meaning that he was not expected to beat his candidate in the elections, but he did and with that became the 11th American president. Polk said that Texas should be annexed and that the territory of Oregon should be occupied. Polk also…

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