Importance Of A Mexican American Culture

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Growing up in a Mexican family I knew that my background was valuable, my parents taught me that being Mexican is important but I didn’t really pay much attention to that topic, until I got here to UTSA I have learned so much about my background. Things I didn’t even know I learned and knowing my culture In more detail has made me have much more respect to where I came from. Although I was born in the United States I consider myself a Mexican because I was born and raised the way my parents were. This Mexican American studies class has taught me about the importance of my cultural background and why it is important to know where as Mexican Americans came from. I didn’t know how much Mexicans had gone through to get us where we are now until …show more content…
As the semester is coming to an end I can personally say I have grown knowledge on my cultural background. Growing up with a Mexican family has made me the person I am today being thankful for the sacrifices both my parents did so that I could have a better education and great career. I have experienced that the people like us we tend to have more respect towards others and have strong cultural beliefs. As the traditions continue through out my family we remain that culture going because it is something to be highly proud of. A lot of people don’t consider Mexicans an important race but it really has its deep meaning. Here in the United States Mexicans have left a great mark in the United States with out us Mexicans it is not a country. The dream of every Mexican is to cross the border to the United States for a better life to provide their …show more content…
After obtaining their independence the Unites States made different purchases to expand the United States. The Louisiana purchase, was one in the year 1803 which added 820,000 square miles to the United States. From then they wanted to take over Texas and take it away from Mexico since it belong to them. Stephen F. Austin was the one who was the leader of the army the Americans decided to make a deal and purchase Texas for a certain amount of money and other benefits. Although he did not want to sell his land he made the deal but the promises that the United States had offered them were not accomplished. Mexico started their roots In the southern part of Texas, there they had big amounts of land they cultivated and raised their families there and as the years went by many generations were being created to maintain that land. As Mexico being a semi peripheral nation meaning they didn’t have much of power with the trades. Many Mexicans owned farms where they had agriculture growing and many cattle to trade or sell to other countries. In the early 1800s the Mexican land, which was Texas at that time was being taken away from the white people. Since the Mexicans didn’t know

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