Essay on The Mexican American Civil War

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Unlike my parents, my siblings and I were born and raised in America. Both my parents were born in Mexico; however my grandparents came from Mexican decedent, fled the Mexican American Civil War, and were born in America in the 1920’s. Having their strong family ties and connection to Mexico they choose to return to Mexico and identify with the Mexican culture to raise their family. My parents settled in a geographical area in Houston East End, where most families were descendants of Mexican American families. The East End is now historically known one of Houston’s oldest Hispanic neighborhoods. I been in Houston, Texas all my life and never felt a stranger in America. My story was common in the East End and I could identify with many children growing up who also retained their cultural Mexican American identities. Area schools I attended were predominantly Hispanic and it was easily to identify with girls my age in similar situations. Our families were seeking a better future and wanted us to live the American Dream. Biculturalism was common among peers and in neighbors. I grew up to be Bilingual and spoke Spanish and English equally – Spanish with my parents and English outside the home and at school. When traveling to Mexico every summer my cousins would tease me for speaking a crazy mix of Spanglish. However, with my parents’ permission during long summer months I stayed in Mexico with cousins all summer to learn more about my culture, language and traditions. It’s…

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