The Meeting Room And Mr. Lockwood Essay

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(Olivia and the rest of the gang are currently with their client, Mr. Lockwood, at 'Pope and Associates '. They are in the meeting room and Mr. Lockwood has just given the group what they need to work on the case. They all sit at the table and after a few minutes, Mr. Lockwood studies then)

Mr. Lockwood: "I trust that you have everything you need?"

(Olivia briefly tears her eyes away from the folder she is looking at to meet the man 's eyes)

Olivia: "So far, yes. We will need more time to go through it all properly, though. Between the four of us..." (points at Quinn, Huck, Abby, and herself) "...we should be able to come to a decision shortly." (smirks) "I 'm assuming your wife knows what 's going on?"
Mr. Lockwood: (smiles) "She knows she is caught and that I won 't let her get away with it. She doesn 't know that I 'm here with you and I want it to stay that way."
Abby: (nods) "Of course."
Quinn: (smiles) "You came to the right place, Mr. Lockwood."
Mr. Lockwood: (chuckles) "Something tells me I did. Your reputation impresses me very much. I have no doubt that you will do right by me." (raises his eyebrows) "Considering the amount I 'm paying you."

(Olivia briefly glances at her coworkers before facing her client. She folds her arms and tilts her head)

Olivia: "You weren 't specific on the amount. I will still represent you, though, I 'd like to know what you are paying us."
Mr. Lockwood: "I assure will be generously compensated."

(He takes a piece of…

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