The Media 's Opinion On What The Perfect, Women Should Look Like

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The media shapes society’s opinion on what the “perfect” women should look like. With the increase in technology use, the media is able to leave its imprint on women of all ages. By portraying models in TV commercials and social media sites, the media influences a large amount of women, provoking them to look like the models shown. However, the models are unrealistically perfect, with their unattainable features and thin bodies, causing women to reach for unrealistic expectations. Therefore, the unrealistic images of women portrayed in the media harm a woman’s physical and mental health by causing eating disorders, plastic surgeries, and low self- esteem. Certainly, the portrayal of extremely thin models in the media cause women to develop eating disorders. A survey asking people if they ever had anorexia was conducted by researchers from McLean Hospital, which is affiliated with Harvard University, in February 2007. The survey found that approximately 0.9% of women and 0.3% of men in the U.S. have had anorexia, therefore, this eating disorder is seen more in women than in men. It is suggested that these numbers may even be higher since many people are unaware of having an eating disorder (“Eating Disorders”). Thus, the “perfectly” thin models shown in the media encourage women to engage in the harmful tactic of starving themselves to become thinner. Additionally, an article states that in August 2006 a young model named Luisel Ramos had an anorexia related death. Soon…

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