The Meaningful Event That Changed My Life Essay

1021 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
The meaningful event that affected my life was when I decided to work overseas and sacrifice college. I was seventeen years old when I made that decision. My father had a decent job at a company, he was the head Chef. He makes decent money at that time and we are pretty much doing well financially. I am the eldest of six children, so I witnessed all the sacrifices of my parents for us. My father saved money for our future, he wanted us to go to school because he always says that education is the only treasure he can give for us. I was soon graduating high school at that time, my dad wanted me to go to college. I already looked for school where I can do bachelor of music. Sometimes what you planned can change because life is very unpredictable. It was three or four months before graduation when my mother got sick. All of my dad’s savings was used for my mom’s hospitalization and medication. When I graduated high school, my father still wanted me to go to college although we’re hurting for money. I had been to many places finding for jobs and worked far away from home. I lived with my aunt through the week and I get home weekends. I wanted to save money because if I go home every day transportation is expensive. I wanted to help my dad so bad because our debt was too much. I was not even working for long then my dad visited me at my aunt and convinced me to come back home and enroll for college. I don’t want to hurt my dad’s feelings so I decided to come back…

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