Essay on The Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

1125 Words Jan 18th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever seen a funny commercial? I certainly have, every time I see beans, I smirk about the commercial I watched months ago. It was about an astronaut who farted while hiding from a video game creature, I know funny humor. Now, not all commercials are filled with humor, but they all want to persuade you. They want to persuade you into buying their product or agreeing with their point of view. Companies use commercials to market their product or views for decades, but they can’t target everyone watching. Although, the Companies marketing team has taken a strategic approach of appealing to a certain audience with their commercials. The way they do this is by provoking emotions, providing evidence or claims, and build the credibility of the commercial by either using a celebrity, experts in the given field or even just normal people given the situation. Now Coca-Cola has proven to be one of the best at marketing their products to many different kinds of audiences by appealing to them. They use all the strategies needed to persuade you to buy their product, but how can I prove this? I will give you two examples of how Coca-Cola has influenced different kinds of audiences.
The first example is a commercial for Diet Coke. The commercial begins with 3 women in their mid-twenties walking together in a mall, but they stop when they hear the delicious sound of an opening can of Diet Coke near the photo booth. They walk towards it and see that it is occupied by a male. It takes…

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