The Marketing Mix Of Coca-Cola

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Marketing mix is that who promote the brand or product in the market. It is that set of action those company use to promate the product. In marketing mix we see the 4Ps that make a typical marketing mix- Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Today the marketing mix include several other Ps like Packaging, Positioning, People and even Politic .
Coca-Cola is those brand who have the highest brand equity. No doubt the company has always gone the ups and downs to reach the position in market.
The marketing mix of Coca-Cola has always try to changing over time with more product being add such that today it has 3300product. In marketing mix
4p’s will come.

4P’s of Coca-Cola- Product Price Place Promotion

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Soft drink satisfy the necessity of thirst.

So many product come under Coca-Cola like- Energy drinks, Juices, Soft drinks, Sport drinks, Tea and Coffee,Water. Coca-Cola has created by providing several size, we tend to even have explicit tastes, and once more they always need to provide many choice.

That product who came in Coca-Cola : Coca-Cola Coca-Cola classic Caffeine free Coca-Cola Diet Coke Thums up Sprite Kinely water & soda Georgia tea & coffee Cherry Coke etc.


Product life cycle has four phase Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

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Example: Mc Donalds, Dominos.



Brand loyalty means a person buy any product of same company manufacture repeatedly than other company manufacture. Brand loyalty of coke is very strong. Coke was yearly change its bottles, cans but consumer are always loyal.
Coke never shy to changes in product and company also plays with design on its bottles.
Even company will changed the logo yearly but consumer will still loyal to the brand

are still loya

Those People who drink coke they not only consume it for test, but also they built around it
“happiness”. People are always drink soft drink (coke product) on any party or any treat party. COMPARING THE COKE WITH PEPSI

PEPSI have 62.8 billion US$ (2016) while coca-cola have 41.8 billion US$ (2016)

PEPSI have total 2,64,000 employees (2016) while coke have 1,20,300 employees (2016).

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