The Management Of Itsollutions Ltd Essay

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The management of ITSollutions Ltd has been experiencing declining organisational performance within the 30-employee company over the last couple of years. The management of the company has also complained about increased absenteeism of staff based on alleged ill-health. This report seeks to document the process of investigating and identifying the problem while proffering solutions. To carry this out, a field research with the employees and desk research involving five articles has been carried out in the preliminary stages. Consequently, the five articles have been critiqued to identify the most relevant to the subject matter as it concerns ITSollution, alongside the brief and field research to identify the underlying problem that faces the company. This problem(s) haven been identified allows for appropriate recommendations to be suggested to management of the company in an attempt to solve the problems stated in the brief. This report thus pays particular attention to the improvement of organisational performance within the company.
2.0 Data Interpretation/ Critique
2.1 The preliminary finding from the employees indicates a problem in communication between employees and management and/or amongst employees. In light of the consultancy brief, the main problem management has with the employees is poor organisation performance streaming from absenteeism due to reported ill-health. The employees’ absenteeism, poor organisational performance, and complaint of their…

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