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An analysis of a case study research article
A case study research is normally conducted to look into a particular challenge in a large number of people. Case studies are conducted along with previous researches to enhance or create a particular theory.
. In this essay, the CASP rubric is used to analyze a research article in order to assess the quality of the research. The article examined in this essay is “International Journal of Information Management” and has been written by Jane Coughlan, Mark Lycett and Robert Macredie (Coughlan et al., 2005).
Analysis of the Research Article
The authors have clearly stated the purpose and goal of their
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The paper has clearly outlined the fit between the qualitative methodology and the study questions. However the research does not provide explanations to why semi structured interview methodology was selected over unstructured interview. The research stated that they had selected a four dimensional communication framework design known as the “PICTURE”. The research has explained four reasons for the appropriateness of the design for this particular study. The research has answered the question of when, why and how the design was selected. The score in this measure is therefore …show more content…
The results were extensively discussed on how they assisted in ensuring that the purpose of the research was met. The results were also discussed based on the literature review. They explained the authenticity of the results and how it was achieved during the study. The paper scores 5 on this measure.
Finally, the researchers indicated the value of their study in relation to IT and business. The limitation of the research has not been clearly outlined; moreover, the research has acknowledged that the study contributes to the existing knowledge. The research was able to identify the new areas for future research. The article scores 4 on this portion.
Based on the analysis above, the analysis of the case study research article scored a total of 33 points out of 50. Therefore, the quality of the article is good and can be used to inform practice on the issue under investigation.

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Coughlan, J., Lycett, M., & Macredie, R. D. (2005). Understanding the business–IT relationship. International Journal of Information Management, 25(4),

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