The Major Challenges Of Patient Dissatisfaction In Nursing

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During my tenure as a hospice nurse at MJHS, I worked as a per-diem nurse for Wanda Youdelman, our nursing home team manager, and covered multiple nursing home patients. I heard during a team meeting that our patient satisfaction scores in nursing homes had fallen significantly, and our management has requested Wanda to investigate and put together a plan to mitigate this issue.
As a first step, Wanda discussed the issue with the team and requested each member of the Inter Disciplinary Team (IDT) to suggest improvements in the process of hospice care that will positively impact patient satisfaction among nursing home patients. In the following two weeks, Wanda was able to compile a list of potential root causes for the low patient satisfaction,
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Due to the sky-rocketing costs of healthcare in the US, healthcare reform initiatives have been undertaken that have spawned new managed care providers and health maintenance organizations whose focus is efficient delivery of care. In addition to this, recent cuts in reimbursements have caused hospice and home care to reduce staffing levels thus creating a dilemma in their need to address the balance between appropriate staffing levels and pressures to reduce costs (Darr, Schraeder, & Friedman, 2002). MJHS had recently contracted with a new pharmacy and a new DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier in order to cope up with reimbursement cuts from Medicare and Medicaid. Wanda found out that patients were complaining of delayed medication and equipment delivery, which raised a lot of concerns about patient care and safety. Wanda immediately brought this matter to the upper management’s attention, and she proposed that MJHS management should meet with the top management of the pharmacy and DME supplier, on a weekly basis, to reach a resolution for this issue. Together, both the management teams came to a consensus that the fastest way to improve quality of service would be for the pharmacy and the DME to hire extra hands to meet the demands of the patient population. After putting this plan in place, within a few weeks, the patient complaints had …show more content…
Patients tend to perceive quality of nursing care as being individualized, having a professional manner and caring attitude, which may explain variations in patients’ satisfaction if nursing care provided was different from what the patients expected. (Atallah MA, 2013) Ovretveit states that the quality of health activities is the complete satisfaction of the needs of those who are in the most need of health services, for the lowest organizational costs, within the given limit and guidelines of higher administrative bodies and those paying. He also mentions the components of quality healthcare as: high level of professionalism, efficient use of resources, the lowest possible risk for the patient, patient satisfaction and a positive influence. (Ara, 2015) Wanda routinely attends nursing home management meetings to assess the quality of care provided by the MJHS hospice team. She collects feedback from the charge nurses, social workers, and the director of nursing at the nursing homes. From this feedback, Wanda assesses any need for improvement in care, which she discusses in monthly meetings at MJHS and/or the IDT meetings. Wanda figured that this performance management process would help to improve the patient satisfaction score, and provide the best possible care even when Medicare and Medicaid are cutting

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