The Role Of Police Brutality In The US

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Police a force designed by governments around the world to protect citizens and enforce laws for various countries required to have peace. In recent times police brutality in the United States has gone to far when officers try to apprehend criminals in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC, etc. There have been many major cases of police brutality in the USA, one major case being the death of Freddie Grey in Baltimore. There any many things people are doing to stop police brutality and because of this more police are being caught doing the wrong things. There also has been an increase in more violent protests because of these events. In this paper I will discuss on what police brutality is and how it can be fixed. …show more content…
This caused a lot of riots and began the heavy topic of “Black VS White.” Some police officers have their boundaries against race, sex culture, and beliefs. This makes them not fit for the job because it might allow them to do stuff that is not right which makes the cop look like he has been “corrupted.” This has been a problem for a long time in the USA which makes a bit difficult to fix the problem. Also police have a option to use if the criminal does listen to their commands which is called “Use Of Deadly Force” which authorizes the officer to shoot the suspect for there safety or the safety of others, “An appropriate starting point for this section is what we know about the the volume or number of civilian fatalities attributed to police use of deadly force. This has been estimated at between 300 and 1,000 a year.” (pg. 135) (Morrison, 2010) This is a major concern because that number is quite high for killings by a police …show more content…
If the background check comes out as the individual is “violent” all of his police certifications are deactivated ASAP, this assures that the officer is not making the job more difficult and help each precinct by making it easier to track their cops. Also that they put this info into the tracking system so that the officer does not get the job at a different precinct. When people are applying to the job the recruiter must use this system to make sure that person applying does not have any past problems or that he is not flagged in the system. The only way a person can re-activate his certifications is by proving that the individual has gone through some sort of rehab program and that they certify the person is okay to be back on the

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