The Lincoln Park Section Of The City Of Portsmouth Essay

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The family resides in the Lincoln Park section of the city of Portsmouth. The neighborhood which Zavion resides in has a high rate of crime and drug activity. The neighborhood is centrally located to public schools, shopping, transportation and churches of various denominations. Community resources include the Portsmouth Health Department, Maryview Behavioral Health Center, Maryview Hospital, the Portsmouth Department of Social Services and the Department of Behavioral Healthcare Services.

The family resides in a four bedroom apartment. The apartment has a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The home was not furnished adequately, and it was not very clean when this officer visited on January 27, 2016. There was clothing in a pile on a bed in Zavion’s bedroom. The exterior of the apartment was in good condition and did not require any repairs.

Parent’s View: Ms. Shaunte’ Ward reported the neighborhood does not have a negative impact on Zavion.

Probation Officer’s View: This officer believes the neighborhood has a negative impact on Zavion because of the criminal activity that takes place in the community and the surrounding communities. Additionally, due to his peer association in the community, Zavion is impacted negatively by the community.

The family depends on Ms. Ward’s income in the amount of $430.00 bi-weekly. She also receives social security disability income in the amount of $733.00 for one of her sons. Also, Ms. Ward receives government assistance such as…

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